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I have a coworker who is a King James Only advocate; a pastor’s wife. She believes not only that the King James Version is the only translation that one is supposed to use; she considers in fact that translations of the scriptures into other languages than English should be based on the King James Version. She is a more or less functional mother of two and a qualified Critical Care Nurse. And the light she has about this is, in fact, darkness. A lifetime in church, and as a pastor’s wife no less, has not enforced or delivered sufficient integrity into her thinking processes that she can reason her way past this kind of “tribal” thinking that is heavily imprinted onto her. She will readily quote a passage in Revelations that warns against changing the words “of this book” and re-enter into the circular logic that keeps her from noticing that the New Testament was written, in fact, in Koine Greek. It is a further irony that the last six verses in the Textus Receptus, the Greek New Testament compiled by Erasmus and used by the translators of the KJV, were in fact back-translated from the Latin into Greek because Erasmus did not have source material to use for those verses, which includes the passage which my co-worker has lodged in her brain.

So….what does this have to do with the antiquity of the earth, and why have I elevated this matter to the level of a “Credo” instead of mere commentary? Like my colleague who is stuck in her circular reasoning, in like manner many in the Evangelical world are “stuck” in a fit of circular reasoning they will never escape unless they confront the contextual clues right in the Genesis account – what the secular world would call “contradictions” – that point us towards the account being allegorical. If you are comfortable with allegory and imagery in the end of the Bible, will you not accept that, then, at the beginning?

I have made this a “Credo” because I wish to affirm that this matter is of great import, and to argue that reformation is needed in this; a reformation just as pressing and wide in scope as Luther’s reformation. Our Catholic and Orthodox brothers have more light in this matter. The world has more light in this matter. And this reformation must take place. We do not need reformation such as this man calls for. We need reformation that this man calls for. Many ernest Protestant sisters will go to their end childless and alone because of the ball being dropped by the keepers of the status quo.

Here I link to a list to ponder of Christian leaders either open to or committed to the antiquity of the earth.

Sisters: Do you grant that men and women are different? Well and good if you do. Do you grant, then, that our experience of His Lordship is different? Even better. I call on you to recognize, then, that ernest men with integrity will look at something else than the tribe’s expectations or what they feel about something when examining empirical reality. And these are the kind of men that our century calls for.

“But simultaneously with time the world was made, if in the world’s creation change and motion were created, as seems evident from the order of the first six or seven days. For in these days the morning and evening are counted, until, on the sixth day, all things which God then made were finished, and on the seventh the rest of God was mysteriously and sublimely signalized. What kind of days these were it is extremely difficult, or perhaps impossible for us to conceive, and how much more to say!” — Augustine: City of God 11:6 [AD 419]

Do something about it…

Posted: July 30, 2009 in Poetry

Well, single sisters, you know the pickle you are in given the disparities in numbers. I suggest you do something about it.

I give permission for all to widely distribute this prayer, written as a poem as a mnemonic device. Do something beyond virally distributing this across the Internet to all your readers: Actually pray.

For Them (The Prayer for Single Christian Men)

Father, for our brother’s sakes, we ask of you
that you would open the eyes of their hearts, to see
Your leadership, wisdom, and love; and a true
picture of their sonship. Help them be always free
of the love of this world, and to have courage. Soothe
the wounds of this world and the church on them.
Come against their sin with your Shepherd’s love,
Your rod of correction. Cut and polish the gems.
Bring Your staff against their enemies. Reconcile
their questions. Give danger and keep them safe,
teach them Your ways of war and peace; defile
the plans of the accuser. Give power from above
as they wait on You, and bring them back from exile.
We accept them as Your sons and as His brothers.


Human trafficking

Posted: July 29, 2009 in Commentary

The “focus” of this blog will be, I hope, pragmatic and enlightened advice for ernest single Christian men and to draw attention to relevant follies of the day that affect them. Having said this, I go off topic a bit and call attention to the fact of Human Trafficking. I link here to a U. S. Government report on the phenomena, and urge you to be aware. As well you can find various church-affiliated ministries such as this one on Facebook. The exact extent of this problem is a bit of a trouble to tease out of competing statistics and to separate out from the fog of somtimes-too-dramatic press releases. To some extent, if you will pardon my ghastly pun, this is a “sexy” issue, one that readily gains traction in Christian, particularly Evangelical circles. The statistical methodologies used by activists sometimes conflate various other important issues into the question, further muddying the waters. It is however, a reality of life in the global village – I have encountered it in my travels – and there is reason enough to believe that it is happening to some degree in the United States. Be informed. Don’t be swept away by emotional appeals from the pulpit — But don’t be cynical about the matter, either. You have been delivered out of slavery yourself.

Sympathy and praise

Posted: July 24, 2009 in For sisters

I am sympathetic to sisters who have had to walk away from relational futures because of your faith and devotion to God. I praise you for this, and ask single Christian men to likewise honor those sisters who have done this. Likewise believing sisters should acknowledge the difficulties single Christian men face in this regard. To the world, being celibate is tantamount to being gay; and to the fellowship, the single Christian man is a figure that is poorly understood. I plan on releasing soon a prayer for single Christian women to pray and virally distribute on the internet for single Christian men.

Purity: Credo #89

Posted: July 23, 2009 in Credo

Purity is being delivered from your old nature, not your masculine nature.

Here I link to a series of quotes — bullet points, if you will – from John Eldredge, author of Wild at Heart. More on his writings anon. I commend his work and ideas to you for your consideration.

Our Father: Credo #90

Posted: July 20, 2009 in Credo

The very “last” or very “first” Credo – depending upon how you read it – was about your “sonship” – such an important notion. When I have gone through various deserts in life I did not doubt my sonship; I considered myself His son. When I went through “zee big one”, however, it did not always seem particularly clear that He was on my side, though; as a Father is. This is a subject that a) is of utmost importance and b) of utmost difficulty to grasp.

IT.IS.DIFFICULT.TO.GRASP. To lay ahold of this though, is to hold onto stability.

We have all had earthly fathers who have modeled the best they knew how – which might have been much, or might have been little, what the idea of “fatherhood” is about. This is something that can be a snare to you, a trap, if you take grief about your earthly father to heart. If you are a father yourself, single Christian man, then you also can understand how dimly, even as a father, your picture of Him can be.

You might have hardship galore; martyrdom, a life of plenty at the top of the heap in a prosperous and free society; or anything in between. Yet you need to grasp this. None of those things affects the truth of this idea.

…There may not be a way to “teach” this per se in the fellowship. The standard model of “let’s watch a video!” or “fill in the blanks at the end of the study guide” is garbage; and the best such can do is give you a conceptual model to dimly grasp what might be happening to you. This is not “head knowledge.”

I commend to you yet again the words of this particular brother who has written well on the topic, and who was linked to for the “sonship” Credo as well.

I offer here links to this piece in Slate magazine, “The Eligible Bachelor Paradox” and as well to this piece by F. Roger Devlin. Hat tip again to Anakin Niceguy. I recommend to single Christian women as well as men.

Edit: As I note in the rules, don’t think of my linking here as an endorsement of every thing therein. Take the meat, spit out the bones..etc. You know how this works.

Testosterone Blessing

Posted: July 19, 2009 in Commentary

Single Christian man: I hereby give you permission and instruction to rebuke – politely and in order – any believing sister who uses the phrase “testosterone poisoning” within your earshot.

Vapor: Credo #91

Posted: July 19, 2009 in Credo

Your life is a vapor. Remember this.