Sonship, or Credo #95 1.1

Posted: July 9, 2009 in Credo, For brothers, Other people's writing

There was a man, who had two sons…

Read this for a new twist on your understanding of an old story.

Single Christian man: You will not be understood by everyone in the fellowship. Some, especially in a very “family – friendly” place, will automatically think “child” rather than “brother” when they see you. This can affect what they presume to do and say to you, which can be particularly onerous if they happen to be in a position of leadership. ..This is not exactly a fresh insight for some of you. It bears mentioning, though, for the sake of those who need affirmation of their suspicions. It must be acknowledged as well that the state of the society you are in may not always acknowledge your worth as a man, and may in fact belittle you in this.

Take refuge from these things in the knowledge of your sonship, which is enough to cause you, if you are wise, to both lower your head and to raise it as need be. And recall, especially if you are in a fellowship bound up with legalism and control issues, who your Father really is. I do not say that you should not be mentored. I say that you should be treated with the respect due a member of the family of believers. And I say that your mentor(s) should love you like a son if they presume to the privilege of reproving you as a father would. And, (this is the second most important idea in this post) like a good father would, they should be moving you to greater “adulthood” and independence, not perpetuating a social scheme in which you are always kept in a posture of “infancy” or thought of in this way. If you insist on allowing men to do this to you you could wind up sobbing into your beer at a place like this. Just don’t do it.

  1. Thank you for the link to Students of Jesus. I was particularly moved by your statement: “your mentor(s) should love you like a son if they presume to the privilege of reproving you as a father would.” It reflects the heart of Godly leadership, namely, that He is the Perfect Father and wants all the shepherds in his church to reflect his compassionate heart. The authority of compassion provides the authority to reprove.

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