Religiosity vs. Godliness

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Commentary, For sisters

Sisters: A Christian man will be attractive to a certain type of “secular” woman – one who is close to God, or seeking Him; or dimly perceives Him — but doesn’t know Him. She will not be repelled by his character; she will be attracted in fact to a character which treats her as if she is pure and is without judgemental affectation.

You should think about this as you ponder the literature and articles of contemporary Christian life as they relate to singleness for Christian women and how to evaluate a man. If the well you drink from is polluted, it will corrupt your body — the metaphor of course that I employ references websites and books that use false metrics to determine a man’s life with God.

If you don’t understand right off the bat what the concept of “false metrics” is as it relates to determining a man’s life with God, you should make it a priority to fix this problem in your understanding.

You will know that you have a grasp on this when you can relate it to the feminine experience in church social life. Just apply it in Grace to the man in question.

  1. Savvy says:

    Some do, some don’t. I would be happy to date an imperfect Christian man who cared about me and had a background similar to mine. Found him and he moved. Been writing about that. It sucks.

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