No more Christian nice guy?*

Posted: July 17, 2009 in Commentary

A short while ago we were treated to some breathless commentary in churches and the blogosphere about the 500th anniversary of the birthday of John Calvin, an important figure in the Protestant Reformation. Certainly this man cast a long shadow. It is important, though, to bear in mind that this man had a woman literally stoned for adultery – put into a sack with stones and tossed into a river. And worse.

This post is not an anti-Calvinist screed. It is a reminder to you, single Christian man, that being bitter about the sins of the world – or having pride about your own “righteousness” — will blind you to the darkness in your own heart.

*Edit: With apologies to Paul Coughlin; the title of this post is a pun. I do not mean to associate Mr. Coughlin with those acts decried.

  1. The Librarian says:

    But maybe Calvin et al had already found that the woman was predestined to commit adultery and to die by stoning…

    which, yes, sounds facetious. But I am reminded of something my late step-mum often said: we cannot see into the hearts of others and judge their standing with God. So, so show mercy, as we would hope to be shown.

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