Our Father: Credo #90

Posted: July 20, 2009 in Credo

The very “last” or very “first” Credo – depending upon how you read it – was about your “sonship” – such an important notion. When I have gone through various deserts in life I did not doubt my sonship; I considered myself His son. When I went through “zee big one”, however, it did not always seem particularly clear that He was on my side, though; as a Father is. This is a subject that a) is of utmost importance and b) of utmost difficulty to grasp.

IT.IS.DIFFICULT.TO.GRASP. To lay ahold of this though, is to hold onto stability.

We have all had earthly fathers who have modeled the best they knew how – which might have been much, or might have been little, what the idea of “fatherhood” is about. This is something that can be a snare to you, a trap, if you take grief about your earthly father to heart. If you are a father yourself, single Christian man, then you also can understand how dimly, even as a father, your picture of Him can be.

You might have hardship galore; martyrdom, a life of plenty at the top of the heap in a prosperous and free society; or anything in between. Yet you need to grasp this. None of those things affects the truth of this idea.

…There may not be a way to “teach” this per se in the fellowship. The standard model of “let’s watch a video!” or “fill in the blanks at the end of the study guide” is garbage; and the best such can do is give you a conceptual model to dimly grasp what might be happening to you. This is not “head knowledge.”

I commend to you yet again the words of this particular brother who has written well on the topic, and who was linked to for the “sonship” Credo as well.

  1. Ame says:

    “When I went through “zee big one”, however, it did not always seem particularly clear that He was on my side, though; as a Father is.”

    as you know, i understand this. i thought my faith immovable … before ‘zee big one’

    i wonder, as i did thru that time, how God perceives these times. i felt … and still do … that this was a powerful time of God working in me in ways that i cannot explain. He was rearranging me, remaking me, breaking me in ways previously unthinkable to me. i know there is purpose here b/c i firmly believe our God is a God of purpose.

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