Human trafficking

Posted: July 29, 2009 in Commentary

The “focus” of this blog will be, I hope, pragmatic and enlightened advice for ernest single Christian men and to draw attention to relevant follies of the day that affect them. Having said this, I go off topic a bit and call attention to the fact of Human Trafficking. I link here to a U. S. Government report on the phenomena, and urge you to be aware. As well you can find various church-affiliated ministries such as this one on Facebook. The exact extent of this problem is a bit of a trouble to tease out of competing statistics and to separate out from the fog of somtimes-too-dramatic press releases. To some extent, if you will pardon my ghastly pun, this is a “sexy” issue, one that readily gains traction in Christian, particularly Evangelical circles. The statistical methodologies used by activists sometimes conflate various other important issues into the question, further muddying the waters. It is however, a reality of life in the global village – I have encountered it in my travels – and there is reason enough to believe that it is happening to some degree in the United States. Be informed. Don’t be swept away by emotional appeals from the pulpit — But don’t be cynical about the matter, either. You have been delivered out of slavery yourself.


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