Visit the sick: Credo #87

Posted: August 2, 2009 in Credo

I do not have much insight as to why our Lord has commanded us to visit the sick. There are always the pragmatic concomitants (for the sick) that come to mind – but I suspect the reason we are commanded to do this is because He desires us to live out His thinking, and He wishes us to be reminded that He is there with those who are in pain or ill. I acknowledge that this was written in a time when the state of the art in medicine was a guy saying “yes, this is what ails you.” I think that He wishes us to be informed that He is there with them. This is often a regularized ministry at certain fellowships… But at least every so often in your life you should make it a point to go on your own and visit the sick, even those who are not known to you. You will find it adds to your masculinity and confidence rather than detracts from it.

  1. sing says:

    while living out her last days in the hospital, many church members who do not know her visited her every lunch and dinner breaks. she was amazed that strangers would care enough to take time to visit and pray with her. even my unbelieving family members were touched by this. if anything at all, it is God’s manifested through us when we visit the sick.

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