Credo # 86: Life is a minefield

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Credo

Life is a minefield. You can get hurt by being stupid, careless, or sinful.* You may limit even what God’s options are for you by being too fast rather than too cautious.

*The image is from a warning sign in Cambodia, where mines left over from political and military conflict in the 70s continue to maim and kill the innocent.

Edit: You can step on a mine while doing things perfectly correctly, as well.

  1. The Librarian says:

    I must leave a shout-out to my MCC workers who are one of the only religious-affiliated organizations allowed in Laos and Cambodia and are working to clear the minefields. Swords to ploughshares… it’s the Mennonite thing to do.

  2. singlextianman says:

    Certainly this is very praise worthy.

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