Risk intuition

Posted: August 16, 2009 in Commentary, For sisters

Bruce Schneier is a security consultant who has insight into the problems his discipline fights both in respect to the physical aspects as well as to the more arcane bits relating to the modern cyber-world. Recently he wrote an essay about people’s ability to (usually) intuit risk to themselves. It may be a bit of a “geeky” read to some, but for ladies who have trouble grasping why some men are checking out of the idea of marriage, they should read it. It won’t afford any insight into why he’s not into you. But it might give you an interpretive grid to understand Marriage 2.0 and how it affects men, including single Christian men.

If one is to search about for commentary in the Evangelical blogosphere about “gay marriage” you can find a great deal of chatter about dangers to the family and so forth. You can find material written to help support the proper formation of a relationship and its continued nurturing.

You will find very little commentary, though, about the true risks that a man takes when he marries in the modern Anglosphere. An unjustified and ill-considered phone call in some jurisdictions from an upset woman can ruin his life, permanently.

As a man previously married, I can attest that my experience as a man being divorced in the church was not one that caused me to always think of the fellowship as a place of refuge, either. One’s personal experience does not define reality for the whole – your mileage may vary – but I have gathered from other believing men whose spouses have been unfaithful — or sinning in other ways — that what I have seen is consonant with their observations.

Back to “risk intution” — It can be risky to be married, in many ways. And men have come to know this, intuitively.

  1. John says:

    Funny, Al Mohler and Boundless never talk about that.

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