Credo #85: Real men teach

Posted: August 18, 2009 in Credo

Real men teach, and other men know this instinctively. I do not advise you to constantly yammer. I advise you to develop the teacher within you.

…No believer, lady or man, has standing to look down upon you because you are not positioned by either God or man to stand a place in the fellowship wherein you “teach.”

But I do say to you that real men teach. And there is much to be taught that is worthy of your skills in this regard, and such a great deal of it is beyond what is conventionally thought of in Christian circles as “teaching.” It is part of the masculine fire within you to lead in this fashion. Whether you teach someone how to save a life, put out a fire, re-start someone’s heart, or lead someone back to Him, or how to lead a lady in dance or conversation, you are doing well.

It would serve some sisters well to consider these things, and check their instinct – if they have such – to correct a man in their presence if they have no reason or cause to; and to examine what forces in the culture or in their old nature have brought them to a place where the sound of a man offering instruction is an irritant to them.

In considering this, I also caution sisters and brothers alike to be aware of the “podium effect*” and how it can corrupt someone’s thinking.

* Search by the term “podium effect” in the link provided.


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