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If you espy a lady in an on-line introductions service who says something like this in her profile….

“…I’m looking for a nice Christian man to go to church with….’

..Then you should proceed with caution. You were not redeemed to be a fashion accessory. And a lady who thinks God’s work in you is to cause you to be ‘nice’ (as opposed to ‘good’) may not have carefully parsed out all that she must to have a relationship with you. However she may simply be using language in a careless fashion, so extending a little grace may be in order. But keep these ideas in mind.


Ask the lady across the table from you if she believes that women have an old nature; or use suitable language of your choice to get at the same idea: Are women (as men are) creatures who have fallen short because of the sin nature in all humans? You know what conclusions you can reach if she has never considered this question or does not understand it.