Credo #81: Do not receive shame

Posted: October 9, 2009 in Credo

Certainly the  big-C “Church” is an organization with discipline.  We know from the scriptures that “The Lord chastens those whom He loves.”    We also know that manifestations of the Body of Christ in our own little lives and neighborhoods are made up of people, and that organizations of people both need and prosper with sound leadership and guidance, including proper action when its members create difficulties for the assembly; or even betimes with behaviours that only trouble themselves.    There is disputation with the community of Christian faith as to how to order our assemblies and the degree to which the pastoral and teaching offices have a say (and what they have a say about) in the lives of other believers.

This Credo is one in which I am so concious of my limitations as a thinker and believer.    I wish to recognize those facts that I have stated, yet I wish to impress the balancing counter-point as well; which is also of such extreme importance.   It is particularly true if the believers in your circle are those who are touched with the idea that you, as a Single Christian Man, are somewhat less in standing as a believer because of your marital state.   It is also true for those traditions and understandings which rely heavily upon guilt and social pressure to mold the actions and thoughts of its members.

With all these thoughts and caveats, here is what I am trying to say:  Do not receive shame if you have done nothing shameful.      As an obiter, I will add that if you have done something sinful, the response of the fellowship should rarely, if ever, be to go immediately to the wagging finger.  That is a topic for another post.

Let me reiterate my encouragement to you, expressed slightly differently:  If you have done nothing shameful, do not receive shame.

  1. Jeff says:


    Thank you for this…it is a good reminder.

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