Out and about

Posted: October 9, 2009 in Commentary

Singlextianman is at large in the world; the Southern Hemisphere to be imprecise.    On a personal note, I wonder if I will be returning to Asia in the coming year.    

..It so happens that I have seen something in my past travels in Cambodia which I wish to offer for your consideration:    An American televangelist on the TV set in my hotel room, asking for money.    I have seen some things in the place where I am that have put me in mind of that experience. 

..It is very easy to hold things up and say “see, look at this… look at this.  Tsk. Tsk.”    It is also very easy to say something like “it’s not my problem; not my watch.”  (Which very likely is true).  

Love covers.  And love also reveals.    The Christian witness is not one of being silent about things in the fellowship which ought not to be.   Neither is it one of seeing only that which is in need of adjustment or setting right; or setting aside.

I just wish to encourage you to not lose heart; and to be of good cheer.   He has overcome the world.  Your faith is not rooted in the behaviours of others.  Be mindful of how you look as well.


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