Comment #10 about tithing teaching..

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Commentary, Tithing

This is a penis being mutilated.

Ever had your penis inspected in church?

What is a penis doing in commentary about “tithing teaching?” It’s a pointed visual reminder that ritual genital mutilation — along with ritual sabbath observance — pre-dated the Law of Moses.

Singlextianman is aware of a pastor or two who would have him believe — based on their considerations of an account of Abraham’s actions towards Malchizedek (pre-dating the giving of the Law) — that this, along with a passage in Malachi, inexorably leads us to conclude that God has always commanded, under penalty of a curse for non-performance, ritual giving from His people.*

I remind you that what we find in the Old Testament is given for our benefit. The mandatory Sabbath Rest of the Old Testament is a pointer; an archeotype and shadow, of the rest we may enjoy. Circumcision likewise is a symbol and a pointer to the idea that it matters to the community, and to your life with God, what you do with your penis. The mutilation of the design takes away in a small measure from a man’s sexual pleasure, as the nerve endings in the tissue must become desensitized as the flesh adapts to its unnatural condition.

All this being said, we do not inspect men’s penises in church, do we? However, whole denominations have been formed because of disputation about what day of the week to gather in worship. And one can certainly be on the “wrong” side of the question of ritual giving in many fellowships.

…What you do with your money matters. It matters to your community, and it matters to your life with God. I have not fully commented on “tithing” as I lack certain insights that I am still seeking from diverse individuals, who get all testy when I am pressing them for coherent and consistent answers. However, I am comfortable with speaking to a certain narrow aspect of the discussion about “tithing” — and here it is:

In my dogmatic opinion, if you dogmatically think and teach that a non-ritual giver is of necessity “cursed” by God because he is not doing the ritual, you are making a dick of yourself and mutilating your understanding.

..Even if you do persist in thinking this, you have no biblical permission to act towards your brother as if he is cursed. Even if all he has done is ask you what you think about this, you may not do this without our common Father noticing your behaviour.

*In great irony, Malachi is addressing the priests who are under a curse, not the people.

  1. Ame says:

    nothin like … ummm … creatively getting one’s point across! lol!


    my ex husband and his parents are extremely legalistic. they have more rules than God. i did not follow all their rules. i fell out of favor with them, quite drastically.

    missing a scheduled time the church was open was of great debate and distress – superbowl sunday was a HUGE issue.

    dancing was a sin – in the words of my ex BIL, “if i’m going to have sex, i want to have sex.” reference to dancing being = to sex.

    alcohol was a sin. my ex fil and i got into an intense discussion about this once. it did not help me find favor in his eyes.

    tithing was a given. ritual tithing was a given.

    what perplexed me was that they could, and would, and still do, follow all these rules to the extreme … and all the while are extremely prejudice, extremely judgemental, extremely critical. i know these are strong words, but i’m not using them flipantly.

    and i wonder … does God care more about these rules they follow? or does He care more about the condition of their heart?

    my ex fil and mil once spent two weeks, two whole weeks, doing nothing but trying to figure out where things went wrong with me (when we were still married). and i said to my then-husband, “do you think, perhaps, he’s preached one sermon about forgiveness in all of his career as a pastor?”

    so, in my pursuit of truth, ritual giving, and really … ritual anything, has died in my life personally. i’ve had to let go of all of it so, and until, God teaches me His truth … which He is … in His way, in His time.

    yes, what one does with their body and their money is of great importance to God … because what we do with our bodies and our money is a reflection of our hearts. and it’s our heart that is of most importance to God.

  2. John says:

    At first I thought the point you were making about tithing with respect to circumcision was that you can take ten percent off the top of anything.

    • singlextianman says:

      Well; just as with the natural social order in which some sons have a larger bequeathment of opportunity from their family circumstance, and thus ways and opportunities to give more, so then some of us by virtue of the distinction of our genetic line would have more to give in the fashion you thought I meant 🙂

  3. pausebetween2notes says:

    OOOuch!!…will come back and read the rest… LOL…i cant imagine being cut up like that….double ouch when being stitched.

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