Relationship tip #5

Posted: December 3, 2009 in Commentary, For brothers, Relationship thoughts

If she thinks that the attraction that men have for women is by itself sinful – say, “part of the fall” or some such, just pay the bill and never look back after you see her safely to her car. Ask her about this straight up on the first date.

  1. tannen says:

    this is absurd! Has anyone ever said this to you? A woman should give her head a shake if she thinks this way. I wonder how they expect to meet a male?

    Could you elaborate on this? Thank you.

  2. singlextianman says:

    I have read that “part of the fall” comment in a Christian relationship book – it was mentioned by way of mocking the idea. The context was about a woman raised in a strictly fundamentalist mind-set who thought that “sex was part of the fall” and thus she was having problems with physical intimacy.

    I am on my way out the door to work so will need to return to this – I will try to document cases such as I have known in person wherein the “osmotic” meaning [what is picked up by osmosis] is that male sexuality is inherently something “bad.” Anakin has commented on this. I have interacted with a few real-life women who think like this. Of note hedonistic secular women can drift into this as well because of the pain brought on by their promiscuity.

  3. tannen says:

    Oh, I see. That’s actually really sad in both cases about both the promiscuous woman and the fundamental one. Is it unkind to say to the hedonist that it took two to tango all those times? IMHO, the blame should be equally assigned. looking forward to you further explanation

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