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In my email today is a  Christmas message from the “Washington Area Coalition of Men’s Ministries,” which I acknowledge does many good things.     There were links and stories updating one on the status of their activities.

Of curious note, though, was a sidebar article containing a  link to this atrocious video, and to  this one as well.

I have replicated the essential appearance of the clickable link, which is not reproduced on their website, because it is worthy of note that this has passed through their editorial process.


Don’t Return to the

Doghouse this Christmas!

Last year’s JC Penny’s funny video “Beware the Doghouse” carried a reminder to men about the gifts they buy their wives.   This year’s sequel “Return to the Doghouse” reminds us what we say and give our wives could send us back to where we don’t want to be.  “HERE.”


There is an element to this commercial which plays on relational foibles which are readily observed and can be seen without a great deal of effort.    I acknowledge this.   So, before you tell me to “lighten up” I’d like you, if you can’t see it, to ponder both the implicit and explicit male-bashing in the piece.   Gender feminism ceases to be funny when it plays itself out in real-world relationships.   The kinds of attitudes gleefully portrayed  here pander to some of the worst aspects of  the tres’ chic male-bashing present in our culture. That a link like this comes from a Christian men’s ministry is not humorous at all.

Edit: Having been chided about “fault-finding” today in another context I feel the need to explain why I have specifically named the ministry which sent out the email; something which was a conscious decision. I do this to document the reality of the influence of popular culture, sometimes in bad ways, upon the way people think in the church about relationships. It matters to the single Christian man to think about this in a brass-tacks vs. an academic manner.