Credo #70: Church history matters

Posted: December 23, 2009 in Credo, For brothers

Permit me to indulge myself in a private revelation: The first woman I “dated” after being biblically free to enter the dating pool again was someone who was fervently anti-Christmas. The particular little sect she belonged to had a hair in their collective ears over the pagan antecedents of the Christ’s Mass celebration; and thought this whole business of Christmas was therefore tainted and not be involved with. As you might suppose, romance didn’t get quite off the ground, though I was introduced to some of the finer aspects of Louisiana cuisine. She didn’t quite “get” my observations that days of the week like Thursday (Thor’s Day) and Saturday (Saturn’s Day) also had pagan antecedents.

…..All of this is neither here nor there but rather a fine intro to the idea that studying Church history is a valuable and valid way to add ballast to your life. It can send you for a loop as well. Finding out some of the things you will discover will challenge some of your beliefs and suppositions.

Why the Christmas connection? Only for a case in point that various and sundry through the history of the Body on earth have had different takes on things. In our early history here in the United States, it was once theologically fashionable to denounce Holiday observations, away back in the time of the Puritans in the Colonial Era. Here is some commentary on this that is worth your time to read.

I have found this resource in its print form (Christian History magazine) to be useful, and there are many fine books to be had as well. Be mindful that some of your fellow believers may have ideological axes to grind in their observations. I am sorry about that. But that doesn’t change my observation: Adding ballast to your soul in the form of educated observations will give you a calmer head on your shoulders, and a clearer view. Said lady’s church was one that was tending to drift into certain authoritarian behaviors which seem to chronically plague fellowships of a Charismatic bent built around a single individual or two. If she had known her history it might have spared her some grief. It can spare you grief as well.


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