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Revisiting “Human Trafficking”

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Commentary

The focus of this blog is not ancillary issues that tangentially affect Single Christian Men.

However, I have here suggested that my readers be aware of claims being made that substantial numbers of humans are being involuntarily trafficked — against their will — into the United States. The most lurid accounts suggest great numbers of women and children being involuntarily trafficked in this fashion for sexual abuse as some sort of slaves.

In my examination of this question it seems to me to be so that these claims are overblown by several — several — orders of magnitude. I cannot say that it does not happen because there is trace evidence that it has. However many claims are made by ministries that have been created to combat this that are simply not capable of substantiation. When you press ministries such as that one created by the Vineyard Association of Churches to open source the statistical methodology by which their numbers have been reached you will not be successful; indeed I have been personally accused of, shall we say, less than noble motives when I have pressed for a clear understanding in my interactions with one such ministry.

Is there evil happening, both here and in the world, in this fashion? Yes. But not to the extent claimed by many Christian ministries. There is evil happening in the church when fund raising activities are undertaken with knowledge of haphazard, erroneous statistics.

Voluntary prostitution by adults is not “human trafficking.”

Illegal immigration to seek work is not “human trafficking.”

Be observant.


Spiritual Tyranny

Posted: February 26, 2010 in Other people's writing

I have added to the blogroll Great site.

I’d like to call your attention to this posting, “Wolf Religion” – which deserves its own Credo. As well as this gem, “Listen.”

More specific essay links to come, I am sure. Spend some time there. Don’t get a bug in your ear if some of this is hard to parse out or offensive to some of your suppositions. Just come on back to it in a month or so and revisit the matter.

Are you familiar with “Parkinson’s Law?” Some of the abusive church practices this blogger is speaking to are living examples of this meme at work. I just threw that vocabulary word of the day into the mix because my affection for you, reader.

I’ve been chewing on this esssay a bit.

A musical experiment

Posted: February 14, 2010 in For brothers

I have created the blog “sxmmusic” as a kind of experiment. Please drop by and add your suggestions. Ladies: Let this be a guy’s place.

You were never called to ask yourself “What would Jesus do?”

The message of the New Testament to you is “What would Jesus want you to do?”

And these different questions lead one to different destinations.

Check out this post, “Men are Good” by a blogger styling herself as “Ame,” whose comments appear on this page from time to time. Well done!

In Credo #72 I wrote: The pay is the same. Check out this Breakpoint commentary which says the same thing a better way.