Strange but true

Posted: February 7, 2010 in Commentary, For brothers, For sisters

An exchange with a lady in the last few days covered the idea of praying with someone on a date.

This lady, a graduate of a professional program from a nationally recognized Christian university, said she would never pray with a man on the first date. Her reasoning in this was that some guy had prayed with her once, and apparently did something that creeped her out on the way home.

I am not making this up.
Edit on 2/27: Some feedback to me suggests that I may be looking at a Mars/Venus kind of thing. From my male perspective, a lady shouldn’t expect a second date if she is too holy to pray with me at the end of the first. And “punishing” me for some other man’s behavior suggests – again, to my male perspective – she is not mature enough for a real relationship. I am not saying that all sorts of deep things need to be brought to the surface… I am saying that if she has a real prayer life she won’t be walking in rule-based fear; and if she doesn’t pray at all then it is unlikely that a relationship with any ernest single Christian man is even possible.

  1. pausebetween2notes says:

    pray with eyes open….then, she would have been on the look out…

  2. The Librarian says:

    What if.. for the lady, prayer is an intimate conversation between her and God, and she doesn’t feel she knows you well enough to invite you into the conversation? Just a thought.

  3. singlextianman says:

    It’s ok not to pray. It’s not ok to not pray because of what some other man did.

    A lady should not expect a second phone call from me if she is too Holy to pray with me or to timid to. I know all I need to from this.

    As is known to you, I did attempt a relationship with a non believer who did not pray; but who sought me out for prayer for others. This was showing more integrity than a lady I took out who declined to pray with me because a ding-dong pastor suggested this kind of thing was always a bad idea; or the lady in question in my post who generalized to all Christian men from her experience with one.

    If you had not prayed with me, I would never have given a thought to not having given you more than a single outing.

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