(Un)Sanctified Bitch Sessions

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Commentary, For brothers, For pastors, For sisters, Relationship thoughts

I observe and believe that (un)sanctified bitching sessions are more deleterious to the health of a marriage than such things as, say, an innocent cup of coffee with a safe friend of the opposite gender at the workplace cafeteria.

Those in the Evangelical protestant world do not (not really) need me to hash out what an (un)sanctified bitch session is; nor to revisit how it can be disguised as a bible study, Christian fellowship, etc.

I am not saying such things as that a lady must not find a safe place to vent; that she live in isolation, etc. Nor that she cannot talk about the things in her life. A married lady has, in fact, biblical instruction about the purpose of meaningful fellowship in the church.

The point is that when a churchy lady comes home worked up by her church lady friends into a self-righteous mote-finding expedition she is doing something far more serious than tearing her house down with her own hands. She is, in fact, doing something far worse for herself. She is positioning herself for spiritual blindness* that will allow for even greater misdeeds.

Here you will find a posting at the SingleMind blog which helps illuminate my point.

*Can men do something like this? Yes; of course.

  1. pausebetween2notes says:

    totally agree with your observation. once, i was in company of teachers who happened to be “christians” and some even held positions of lay leadership in their own churches. they were berating my snr pastor of the church i used to worship…i was wondering when the bitching session was going to end but apparently it didnt. when they finally stopped, they wanted the new comers to introduce ourselves and where we worshipped…when it came to my turn you should see their total embarrassment when they found out i was a member of the church whose pastor they were berating about. enough said.

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