Credo #63: God’s special friend

Posted: April 3, 2010 in Credo, For brothers

Just avoid him. If your pastoral figure thinks that he is the greatest thing since sliced bread because of his particular closeness to God; a relationship that has come about because of his being chosen (often against his willing participation, as the story may go) for this task, just walk away.

This is in no way an advisory to be suspicious of men, pastors, or teachers who say that they have an inkling about how to live the Christian life, or any such thing. It does not mean, either, that there are not men whom God has lifted up or used in very great ways; either in the clerical offices or in “secular” fields. Certainly we see that such men exist, and have existed!

It means, rather, what it pretty much means in English. The auto-aggrandizing self-promoter has to do this because his work is straw and stubble; and ultimately he will either send you packing or you will leave his place of wounding on your own, sadder and wiser.

Moses had the backing of a miraculous rod. Don’t let a pastoral ding-dong put his rod across your back because of his waiting-to-be-discovered specialness that only he and God recognize at the moment; along with his choral sycophants.


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