Credo #61: Women are great

Posted: April 5, 2010 in Credo, For brothers, For sisters

This is a “duh-oh” kind of Credo; and it is almost an embarrassment to have to write it. It is kind of like having to explain, gently, to a King James-only sectarian that the scriptures were written in Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek. But yet you meet these types, and indeed one meets the types who have ideas that I am about to address. If you have found your way to this page from one of those Men’s Rights groups that links to this website, you may indeed need this reminder.

In Credo #73 I wrote that “a woman is desirable.” The point there was to address the quasi-gnostic idea that some drift into, which is that there is something unspiritual about being attracted to women. To put it another way, purity is not about squelching your God-created and God-given instinct to desire female companionship of the mind and body. Purity in this discussion is about putting the appetites of the male body and your thought life under control; a topic that I will address in the future. If these two ideas seem to be contradictory to you, then some of the assumptions you are making going in to the paragraph may not be assumable.

All of that aside: I am not even revisiting either of those ideas at the moment.

I am saying that I observe a kind of dismissiveness towards the giftings and presence that women bring to the fellowship in some of what I see in what might be called “the single Christian male blogosphere,” and also in some single Christian men.

Let us turn to the scripture, since this is a blog predicated on the idea of being honorable single Christian men. My text: Romans 16; where Paul is wrapping up his letter and giving his “say hi to so and so” bit. There are 25 verses in this chapter. Surely you have the onions to visit this small chapter.

He says “hi” to Phoebe, and tells them to give her whatever help she needs. Priscilla and Aquilla, whom he calls “fellow workers” who have a church in their house. He says hi to Mary, Tryphena, Tryphosa, and Persis, all of whom he notes as working very hard for them. Junias is named as an apostle. He notes the mother of Rufus, and considers her to be his momma, too. He goes on to remember Julia, and also the sister of Nereus.

You think about this. 11 women in the space of this small chapter. Think on it some more.

  1. I agree with what you say SXM, but honestly, I don’t see this as a major concern. Women-hating MRAs don’t control the media, government, academic institutions, business, or even our churches. Think carefully about who does.

  2. singlextianman says:

    @ Anakin: Perhaps you are thinking like a certain editor of a certain well known blog for singles. He, too, is concerned about churches and who “controls” them.

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