Credo #60: East of Wittenburg

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Credo, For brothers

If you come out of Evangelical Protestantism, do not be so quick to dismiss your brothers who look to Rome or Constantinople.

I do not mean in any way to dismiss significant differences in theology; or to brush these aside with talk about “different emphases.” Nor to express a “sloppy agape” sentiment that minimizes our common and collective need world-wide for renewal of the mind and heart.

I only mean to remind you that you see in part, as well.

Edit: I went through a couple of versions of this, because I was a) Wrestling with how to include my Anglican friends (one of the most honest single Christian ladies I know, one who “got away” because I had a profound sense from God not to pursue that relationship, is an Anglican) and b) I knew there there was something wrong with the spelling of “Wittenburg.”

All of which is to say that a) I recognize there are ernest seekers after Him in the ranks of fans of the Book of Common Prayer; even if the organization seems to be spiritually imploding faster than one can keep up with it; and b) That I wish to point you towards these folk. Betimes with humor they have ministered to my sense of happiness. In honor of their contribution I will leave “Wittenburg” mis-spelled; the real castle is here, in Wittenberg.

  1. Most interesting . . . was feeling ‘pressed’ to blog today and ‘agape’ came out in mine too . . . but I think what I wrote was not as careful and might have been sloppy.

  2. tannen says:

    Wittenburg and Wittenberg, both wonderful places.

    Ages ago, when I first went to uni, I remember the Campus Crusade folks trying their best to “save” me because I was a Lutheran.

    The Anglican church is almost two bodies now, orthodox and faithful to the gospel and the apostates. sadly that is they way it looks.

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