Credo #57: Your first love. Remember.

Posted: April 20, 2010 in Credo, For brothers

Read these lyrics:

I come into this place
Burning to receive your peace
I come with my own chains
From wars I’ve fought for my own selfish gain
You’re my God and my Father
I’ve accepted your Son
But my soul feels so empty now
What have I become?

Lord, come with your fire,
Burn my desires; refine me
Lord, my will has deceived me
Please come and free me
Refine me

My heart can’t see
When I only look at me
My soul can’t hear
When I only think of my own fears
They are gone in a moment
You’re forever the same
Why did I look away from You
How can I speak Your name?

Lord, come with Your fire,
burn my desires; refine me
Lord, my will has deceived me
Please come and free me
Come rescue this child
For I long to be reconciled to You

Go and read now Christ’s admonition to the Church at Ephesus, who had left their first love.

Our dear sister Jennifer Knapp, who penned this heartfelt cry, has fallen into a snare. My point: Even at Ephesus their “lampstand” — perhaps representative of the Light of the Holy Spirit — was removed.

We think: What a hardass Jesus is being! Yet there seems to be something in the Divine system of justice that when we know to stand, that we are, like adults (not like children) allowed to find the fruit of not standing. I contemplate this with a queasy sense of knowing that I do not always stand when I know to stand; it makes one want to hide away from His face.

Music: This song performed by another sister, and also this one, First Love, by Petra.


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