Credo # 55: Chemistry and physics rule; or “the sciences are not your enemy”

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Creationism, Credo, For brothers, For sisters

Sounds ….not very biblical, does it? Or, on the other hand, a simple kind of duh-oh statement.

Yet so necessary.

I am sure you have seen some version of this: “Pray for Sister so-and-so….”

A week will go by and we will hear that God “healed” Sister so and so, who has recovered from her bout of …hay fever; say.

Wellll… it would be certainly attractive to a few of the the hyper-Calvinists among us, some of whom see God as micromanaging His creation down to the quantum level, to think this way. To others, who are secretly wondering whether God is able to live up to His majesty, they do not wish to let a moment pass in which we do not get to give Him a plug.

To others of us, we rest gently and safely in the knowledge of His creation in us of those aspects of our bodies that enable us to thrive and prosper, and (shhh….) are also secretly glad of things like Antihistamines, developed by (shssss) … men*).

Is this confusing to you?

I knew a Christian couple once who did not wish to believe the opinion of a Nephrologist — a Kidney doctor — about the condition of their loved one, because he — are you sitting down? He believed in a big bang . Somehow this disqualified him not only morally but technically to understand the science they themselves were ignorant of. I did point out to them that Chuck Colson was a big fan of the big bang.

… Some time ago I belabored to explain nuclear decay to an Assemblies of God pastor** who was in my Critical Care Unit visiting a patient. Using the decay of radioactive isotopes technicians are able to detect the location and existence of blood clots in the body — a very important diagnostic tool. He was willing to accept this; except insofar as this very technology is what also enables us to demonstrate that the world is much older than the 7-10,000 year old “young earth” viewpoint. His belief was that my “belief” was in the science rather than the scriptures; not that he understood a scriptural understanding of old earth creationism; nor for that matter even the science of nuclear decay.

Why does this matter? It matters to you, single Sister, because very many of you in the Anglosphere will be spinsters to your graves because of the lack of single men, who believe that they are being asked to do something else than walk in integrity if they accept the claims of Christ on them. Various organizations have fostered this impression; your local church may be one of them.

It matters further in that we muddy the water unnecessarily when we con-fuse (fuse-together) empirical claims with theological ones. There are times (the feeding of the multitude…actual healing miracle [both present and past]….the resurrection) when they are commingled and not con-fused. And there are times that we just confuse people, and ourselves. There is no need for a contest, any more than between husband and wife.

There are links on the blogroll to help you find your way forward in reading nature, His other book.
*Yes, with His help, I am most certain. I have a private theory that the Simians – the Apes, Chimps, and so forth — are close to us in physiology so that we may have them to better understand our own physiology with drug testing, and so forth.

** This man wasn’t buying it. But he was able to wonder aloud, to me, if I was homosexual (I am certainly not.) This pastor did not have a paradigm for a biblically and scientifically literate single man in one; and he had a pulpit. We do have a long way to go, don’t we?

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