No More Christian Nice Girl

Posted: April 29, 2010 in For brothers, For sisters, Other people's writing

The morning’s email brings this new work by Paul Coughlin to my attention. I acknowledge that I have not read this work yet, but I have high confidence in bringing it to your attention.

Understanding this “nice” vs. “good” paradigm is of high importance, whether you are a single man (the group, I think, that needs to hear this the most), a woman married or single, or a married man. If you have spent a great deal of time in the kinds of Evangelical and Charismatic-lite fellowships that I am most familiar with, then you need to dwell a bit in this man’s writing.

Listen to one counselor’s endorsement of this work:

As a Christian counselor, I see many women paying the high price of being too nice: depression, anxiety, stress-related physical ailments, as well as difficult and destructive relationship patterns. Finally there is a book I can recommend that gives women the reasons why nice isn’t always good and the tools to help them stop.

This may be a book that the single Christian man can given to those special ladies in his circle of acquaintances. You may help her forward towards a place most desireable for all concerned.

  1. ladyelaine80 says:

    I haven’t started reading it yet, but I’m excited, because it touches on many of the issues that women in the Church struggle with.

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