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Posted: May 15, 2010 in Commentary

Look at this image from the “Precious Moments” collection:

And now look at this piece by artist Darrin Hoover:

It is generally accepted by most well informed Evangelicals that men and women are going to have different tastes in the arts. This should not require rehashing in 2010. Yet when I have tried to talk about male-affirming and male-friendly Christian art to some single Christian women using these pieces as examples, I will get some version of “but what’s wrong with Precious Moments?” and kindred thoughts.

Which is the sort of thing that tells me that some ladies are not paying attention; or are hearing what they expect to hear, or what they want to hear. At any rate there are a number of single Christian women – and not a few married ones — who are not yet on board with the idea that men and women really are different, and that it is not the job of church culture to turn men into women, nor is it their job, either.

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  1. The Librarian says:

    They both kind of want to make me reach for the insulin, but then I’m an art snob…

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