Credo #48: Do not judge?

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Credo, For brothers, Relationship thoughts

If you wish to believe and think as well, you will have to at some point consider what is meant by “Do not judge” – a phrase which is not always uttered with consideration of what the speaker is really attempting to do or say; or even with regard for what is meant by this passage of scripture. Often you will find it used to shut down dialogue or the search for truth in favor of readily accepting some other thing.

Once I was chatting with a woman on ChristianCafe who admonished me not to “judge” a man of high standing who had left his wife for a ministry intern and continued readily in his public ministry. I promptly thanked her for her time and discontinued the dialogue .. I already knew what she thought about “judging” and “judged” that she was not a match* for me.

I’ve tagged this Credo “Relationship thoughts” because it occurs to me that it might be useful to find out on a date with someone what they think of a scenario such as I have described, using as an example some man who is known to your date and whom she holds in high esteem, who has done some such thing.

I find this treatment of the question to be insightful.
*My thoughts had not been about removing the man from the fellowship; nor even from leadership (though I do think that warranted) but rather his action of leaving his wife for non biblical reasons. She loved his ministry and speaking, and the significance and reality of the man’s act did not register with her. Thus my easy comfort level moving on. Her idea of “alpha male” was not my idea of “alpha male.” I had not “judged” the man’s ministry, but I was finding out what she *really* thought about marital breakups; and perhaps about her ecclesiology as well.

  1. sing says:

    excellent post. i find from my own encounter as well of christian people who would throw this phrase “do not judge” as a blanket to not comment or point out obvious wrong that someone or some organisations is committing. i think there is a place and time to bring up those issues through proper channels and/or what is prescribed in the bible. however when we turn a blind eye to a wrong, it just reminds me of this, “All that is necessary for evil to triump is for good men to do nothing.”

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