Credo #47: Feed the ox

Posted: May 26, 2010 in Credo, For brothers

You share the burden, along with other believers, of seeing to it that those who labor in the word on your behalf are attended to financially.

There are many “pots” for compensation; whether that be in physical goods, discrete financial offerings, or physical help with the labors that come in life.

Now, no man, not even a pastor, has a right to any kind of respect, financial or otherwise, that is not earned. With that being said, and noting that any old gift to the church is not the same as what is being discussed here, I point you to the scripture linked to. Honor to those to whom it is due. To those it is due – bearing in mind who those people really are. And those who are not.
Edit: While modern technologies drive the cost of information to nearly zero, you cannot purchase the kind of love that an interceding pastor has; nor the benefit of a sharp and Godly mind that is invested somewhat in your life.

  1. […] or underpaying.   Or for striving to succeed financially.   Nor am I saying that you should not feed the ox.     I am saying that the business He sends you on operates on different principles for success […]

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