Tithing comment #8.1: Heresy

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Commentary, Tithing

Teachers and speakers who associate God’s saving grace – i.e. “salvation” — with the performance of ritual tithing are engaging in heresy in respect to this aspect of Christian thinking. Period. Think I’m barking up the wrong tree? We have this lady, whose book publishing rights are owned by Strang Publishing (publisher of Charisma, among other product lines), who claims to have seen in a “vision” that non-tithing Christians do not go to heaven (who is running the editorial desk at Strang? Accountants?) and Ted Haggard, who was comfortable challenging the salvation of non tithing believers.

Can you find anything in this essay about whether you should, or must, tithe, or not? No, you cannot.

  1. Chris Smit says:

    It amazes me how people teach this heresy without reference to any sound scriptural basis.

    Those who change Gods word and teach ‘storehouse money tithing’ as a requirement for salvation are taking a grave risk.

    Jesus says that if anyone changes ‘one jot or tittle of the Law’…they WILL be least in the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Jesus says that tithing is a ‘matter of the Law’ (Mat 23:23)…this is also confirmed in Hebrews 7:5 where it says ‘the Levites have requirement under the Law to collect tithes’

    This confirms that tithing before the Law was NOT a requirement! (and certainly not a ‘spiritual revelation’ either)

    To teach tithing today IS to deliberately change God’s Law:-

    1) Tithes were to be for Israel ONLY (Lev 27:1+34) …not Gentiles (Acts 15)
    2) Tithes were only to be FOOD grown in Israel (Lev 27:30&32)…never Money
    3) Tithes were only EVER to be given to Levites under a covenant (Number 18:21-23)
    4) Levites were consequently required to FORFEIT their inheritance in the Land (Number 18:21-23)
    5) Tithes were to be eaten by the giver in the presence of the LORD …to celebrate HIS blessing (Deut 14;23)

    God has NOT authorised any changes in this regard…….Tithing as taught today is a heresy created by the covetous so-called church.

    Either teach ‘tithing’ as GOD says it is …..or admit it is NOT relevant today for the church.

    Preachers of this heresy worldwide are called to repentance

    Chris Smit

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