Judges, elders, kings…

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Commentary

God gave the ancient Israelites a King because they wanted one, but it was not His plan. They had been ruled by prophets, judges and elders and the word of God such as they had it from Moses.

They wanted a King. So He gave them Kings. But it was not His best plan.

When we look at the Sabbath, we see a “type and shadow” of the rest we have.…..although some short-sightedly think that observing a day matters to God. They had dietary laws to protect their health and separate them from the surrounding peoples … yet it was never in God’s mind that what went into their mouths defiled them, but what came out of the mouth. Many people, myself included, are inclined to think that ritual circumcision was a “type and shadow” of the idea that one must walk in holiness before God with your sexuality. Whole books have been written about the rich symbolism of the tabernacle and how it points to greater ideas (e.g. the oil burning in the Holy of Holies being a “type and shadow” of the Holy Spirit in the innermost part of the believer). There is so much rich symbolism in the Old Testament; and one does not need to look far in the writings of Jesus or Paul to see this. Sometimes we go overboard with this idea, and insist the Song of Solomon is only symbolism instead of the masculine love poetry that it is.

All of which brings me back to my original idea: God gave his people Kings because they wanted a King. It was not in His best design for them. And their Kings had their scandals, didn’t they?

Remind you of anything?


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