Blogroll additions

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Other people's writing

I’ve added two sites worth your time; both “secular” in nature.

A Shrink for Men is a good place to sit with your cup of joe or tea or what-not. Just don’t lose heart.

Also, Married Man Sex Life is full of some good ideas to ponder on for that day when; if you are so blessed by God, circumstance, and your own decisions, you find yourself married.*


*Edit:  Yes, I know some of the commentary there is, ah; racy.   Before taking offense, take a deep breath and reflect on this a day or two or three before passing judgement on me about this.  I start with the assumption that the reader is walking in Holiness or working on it.    Being ignorant is not the same as being pure in heart.   And as I like to say, purity is being delivered from your old nature, not your masculine nature.

Further edit on 6/20: I have removed “Married man sex life” from the blogroll but left the link intact from this posting. Some people are going there directly from the links without being aware of my disclaimer.


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