The Courage to Say No

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Commentary, Other people's writing

The Courage to Say No, by Paul Coughlin, is another must-read.

I excerpt here:

The ability to say no without feeling woozy leads to the issue of ownership. Who are you? Who owns you? If you think your parents or church or culture owns you, then eventually you’ll end up carrying out their will and living by their definition of you. They usually will lay claims upon you that override your will with theirs. If the church is authentically asking you to adopt God’s will instead of your own, then that’s a different story. But the church can often ask you to take on the will of its leaders disguised as God’s. Sometimes this is done out of ignorance, and sometimes it can be a thumos-crushing form of spiritual dissimulation.

Go forth and study.


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