Father’s Day

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

It so happens that my fellowshiping in the institutional sense is divided between a local Assemblies of God church and a local Baptist church. It so happened last year that Father’s Day was on the weekend I was at the A/G fellowship. This year it so happened that I was at the Baptist fellowship.

Last year fathers — of which I am one — were honored in the sense of being recognized and acclaimed. This year there was a recognition of Father’s Day which took the form of a video which amounted to a child telling his dad about all the reasons he needs to be a better dad. This was followed by an invitation for fathers present to stand (so, I am thinking, here comes the ‘balance’) and be recognized. However the opportunity to recognize ernest believing fathers was squandered with more finger-wagging. I had thought to let the matter be; but seeing this post by Vox Day (Theodore Beale) caused me to reconsider. I disagree with his idea of “avoiding church” — and I understand the noun “church” with a different understanding than most — but his words are worth contemplating all the same.
Edit: ex post facto, the title of his post was changed to say “change” curches rather than “avoid” church.


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