Conceptual tool, is all

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Commentary, Other people's writing

Do we hector relationship-hungry single woman to get into relationships with unstable men, or, say, homeless ones? No. Is this evidence that we think these men should not be included in Church life or experience the fellowship and the leadership’s love and help when it is appropriate? No again. It is simply to say that the metrics for and the contextual response to these different aspects of Christian life is more complicated than a rule book thrown at the local assembly of believers.

With all that being said, I’m not commenting on relationships; nor even on Christian life per se. I’m leading up to someone else’s commentary; essentially his sociologic observations about the hierarchies of men and how they sort themselves out in groups. I do think you have value to gain in thinking about this.

Vox Day (Theodore Beale) has conceived of a kind of shorthand for describing what he sees in the world of men. He expands upon the secular world’s use of “alpha” and “beta” terms (themselves derived from Zoologic observations) to come up with a categorization that has more semantic clarity, using other Greek letters. I grant that he comes across as both cynical and harsh. I grant that he at times is cynical and harsh. Get over that if you want to gain the insight that you can from thinking on these things, since life can be harsh and a lack of understanding can leave you cynical.

I link to some key essays of his here, here, and here. When you have skimmed over those, then read this one.


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