Marriage 2.0

Posted: July 2, 2010 in Commentary, For sisters

I have previously used the term “Marriage 2.0” – a neologism floating around the ‘blogosphere to describe how “Marriage” as an institution is not what it used to be. This ought to be obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes, yet many of our religious elite don’t seem to have let the facts sink in.

Marriage as a legal institution is dead on arrival. It is “dead” in the sense that the social and legal concomitants that are associated with it historically simply do.not.apply.

I ask you, particularly if you are a believing woman, and even more particularly if you have been a lifelong believer and are socially enmeshed in contemporary Christian culture, to read this.

Then ask yourself why “Gay Marriage” is such a hot button for so many church leaders. Ask yourself why your denominational leaders are not pushing for legal reforms like “presumptive validity” for pre-nuptial contracts, which could, if so drafted, restore a marriage contract today to the meaning of one 40 years ago? Ask yourself these things.


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