As good as dead

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Other people's writing

This pastor comments upon the promise of God made to Abraham, and Abraham’s attempts to help God out:

God had said that the son should be Sarah’s. Isaac was the child of promise, a work of God’s grace. And grace is God working instead of me. When God worked, Isaac was born …[ ..] .. At eighty-six Abraham’s natural strength had been still there. At one hundred “his body was as good as dead” (Romans 4:19). There was no longer any way for him to have a son naturally. Then Isaac came. We too need to reckon ourselves dead before we can believe fully in the God who gives life to the dead. Abraham was shown that he himself was not the father, the source, of anything. God waits until we have reached an end of ourselves, and then Isaac comes. There is something of the atmosphere of Genesis 1 here ….

– Nee Tuosheng (Watchman Nee)

  1. matthew516 says:

    Hi singlextianman,

    I came here from Biblical Manhood, Anakin Niceguy’s blog. I wanted to ask you, do you know of other Christians out there in the blogosphere that have a message similar to his?

    After reading a lot of secular MRA/MGTOW sites out there, I felt kinda sad and hopeless. But then I found Anakin’s site and saw that there are actual biblical supports for being single instead of only secular reasons for being single. But more than that, Anakin’s writing cut through the cultural brainwashing so many of us receive. He espoused biblical principles that made sense. Principles a person could use to see through the incessant messages that the world sends out.

    Anakin’s work has inspired me to do something about the problems that I’ve read regarding marriage 2.0, the plight of singles in this world, and so much more. But I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any advice? I’m not as qualified as Anakin was, but I do want to help people out there who are suffering and who are in need of help.

    Thank you for your time.

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