Credo #45: You see in part

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Credo

Do you have insight into questions like Arminianism vs. Calvinism? You see in part. Do you understand how to view the creation account in light of scientific facts? You see in part. Do you see past pastoral jacka**ery that condemns you for being single, or for going on a date? You see in part. As I do. As they do.

You see in part.

  1. Hi Singlextianman,

    I’ve started my blog. It highlights and comments on the topics that Anakin Niceguy spoke of on his Biblical Manhood site. My blog is at

    I’m worried that when I finish commenting on the Biblical Manhood topics, I’ll be left with little else to say.

    So, do you have any advice for what topics I should discuss as a Christian guy concerned about Men’s Rights issues? And perhaps you could recommend some blogs that I can use to give me ideas about what to write?

  2. singlextianman says:

    When I am lacking for material; I hope that I have the sense to shut up for awhile. Generally I make postings after seeking the Lord a bit and developing an understanding of what to dwell upon next; though I have a rough idea of the “Credos” ahead of time, with a number of them “in the hopper” until it is time to flesh them out.

  3. […] Assuredly, one cannot learn the whole of this Way …  We are all seeing in part.   And what one needs to grow is not necessarily what another needs to grow.   Assuredly, you are not going to get anywhere by relying solely on your favorite pastor, teacher; or even blog! […]

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