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Commenter Anonymous makes a valid point, inverting my pointed question in the last posting.

Thus: If the sister sitting across the table from you is walking in celibate holiness, just what do you plan to add to her life?

There are single Christian men who do need to ponder this; and no doubt single Christian ladies who have experienced less than noble treatment from single Christian men.

…The posting for sisters was written in contemplation of single Christian women who casually sleep with boyfriends; some of these are known to me. It affects the way they look at other men, including those ones ernestly following after Him that this blog is for. Thus my original post.

HT to anonymous :).

Listen: If the man across the table from you is walking in celibate holiness, just what do you plan to add to his life?

Credo #41: Dan-El

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Credo, For brothers

God was Daniel’s Judge. In fact, that is what his name means: God is my judge.

This is a comforting and terrifying thought to me. It is comforting in that He has seen the failure of those who had a duty to act and who did not; He sees both the mote and plank in my own eye as well.

And He is your judge as well; He who sees your terrestial case, when you are wronged, through wise and informed eyes, and your celestial one through eyes of mercy.

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Pastoral Tip #9

Posted: August 15, 2010 in For pastors

Some of you are guilty of thinking less of the single Christian man because he isn’t “getting any” from a woman. Stop that. And stop it among your co-laborers on your staff. You ought to be honoring men seeking to walk in celibate holiness.

And some of your married men are not doing this – the holiness bit — for that matter.

Aphorism #19

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Aphorism

“Don’t be guilty of titholatry.”

– Singlextianman

The “bismalla” is a near-ritual utterance found in the Koran and in diverse places and times in the Islamic world; the “dar-al Islam” (the House of Islam.) It translates to something like “in the Name of God, the benevolent, the merciful.” It is found at the beginning of each sura in the Koran and in other places.

In my travels in the world* I have come across a lady, a patient in a hospital, who refused to allow a Muslim female health care worker to even touch her in the course of her duties. Said lady is a more than casual figure in a local Calvinist fellowship; she rooted her stupidity in her Christian faith. She thought she was doing God a favor by snubbing a Muslim. What folly both for her, and what evidence of stupidity in the rational and spiritual sense. What stupidity.

My point: He died for them. They do not see Him in the Koran, nor find him there. I am not saying they do. They are also not the caricature one can find from flavor-of-the-month Christian leaders. Nor are they the “religion of peace” anymore than Christianity can identify itself so.

All I urge you to do is be more complete in your understanding of these, and to not show contempt. You aren’t sinning by doing things by seeking a clear understanding. Your fellow Christians who speak Arabic use the word “Allah” for God, as your brothers south of the border know God as “Deos,” or your Russian friends use the word “Bog.” This is not rocket science.

In my library I have this in printed form; as well as a Koran which I’ve read a few times; I point you towards these resources so that you might, if you are so inclined or find yourself in such need, head for a clearer picture.

And to intercede if you can or feel you should; and be ready to give an answer as to why you have hope if you interact with one.

*which has included travel in an Islamic land.

Aphorism #20

Posted: August 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

“In general, it is better to be too slow than too fast when acting on an understanding of what God’s specific will is.”