The assaulted women

Posted: September 4, 2010 in Commentary, For brothers

Singlextianman has been cruising the digital highways and byways, trying to learn more about what is up with single Christian women. Thus I have found my way to some little pockets of resistance to the kind of abusive assumptions that I have editorialized against when applied to single men. Here , here, and also here I point you towards a few representative types of blogs by women who have gotten, excuse me, the shaft from hyperlegalistic, controlling men and women in positions of spiritual authority.

It falls to you, as a well educated, ernest single Christian man, to know about this sort of thing. It may fall to you, someday, to even be married to a lady who has been injured in this way; and God’s grace on you for your compassion on her for this!

Alternatively you may be that man who who cannot hear or see what he is doing and saying along these lines, or you may be influenced to some degree by men who do this sort of thing.

Before God, it is not hard to say that He sees their hearts, as well. It is indeed true that single men have been mistreated by church fellowships. It is also an observable fact that great injuries have been visited upon some of your sisters; it seems to me to be something akin to an assault on one of His daughters. It fires the emotions, it does.

Keep these in mind, and keep a gentle tongue in your head if you must reprove one of these for speaking or acting out of her hurt.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have watched a diluted version of this “quiverfull” movement over the years in the churches I have been to. So many subtle messages lately to the young teen girls that motherhood means you leave all the thinking to your husband (that this is somehow indicative of submission)…that college (if she even goes) means finding her Mrs. degree.

    Perhaps this started as a well-meaning knee-jerk reaction to the uber-feminist movement, but the pendulum has been allowed to swing too far. By rejecting uber-feminism, it seems we have been willing to lump all of their philosophies as anti-Biblical, which seems to include women having a voice.

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