Adventures and the Masculine Soul

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Commentary, Other people's writing

This posting by a blogger styling himself as “Silas Reinagel” is worth your time. One of the reasons that Evangelical churches are running out of single men is that they quash the masculine soul instead of nurturing and celebrating it. They would be happy to let you pay a tenth of your paycheck to them. But some of them will stool their pants in fear if you explore, say, Church history and the tithe. Happy to let you go on a “missions trip” – but go off to, say, Nepal on your own? Better get some confirmation on that, brother! Happy if you go to school, say, and become a Nuclear Medicine technologist – but God forbid you use your understanding in that discipline to conclude that rocks, after all, are very very old. Better “take initiative” and go on that date, man up! But remember, godly men go on dates only in groups or under church guidance!


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