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Aphorism #10

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Aphorism

No other ‘hard’ physical science is as effective as the study of Astronomy for curing the inquisitive Christian mind of young-universe creationism.” — Singlextianman


Posted: October 21, 2010 in Commentary, Other people's writing

Read John Immel’s PWNing of Al Mohler. It matters to you because of a) the intellectual and spiritual dry-rot in contemporary Evangelical thought – let’s bawl in fear because of people doing Pilates by another name – and b) you will probably interact with a single Christian woman or two who, hopefully, is learning to be flexible.
Edit: Take this to mean what it says; I am commenting on stretching, breathing, and contemplation. I do not mean to wink at attempts to syncretize pagan and Christian thought; nor minimize the significance of attempting to manufacture “spiritual” experiences; whether that is by Pentecostal hand-clapping rounds, Baptist pulpit-pounding and shreiking, chanting, or many practices found in Transcendental Meditation. I mean to point out that people who have the Holy Spirit in them do not need to be afraid. John’s link correctly points out the absurdity of, say; saying that the “missionary position” in bed for a married couple’s sex life is rendered pagan by virtue of being mentioned in the Kama Sutra. Another example would be the military posture of “parade rest” — is this demonic because it mimics something found in classical yoga movements?


Posted: October 12, 2010 in Commentary, Other people's writing

Great discussion over at Haley’s place about pre-nups; but I think she ducks some questions.

Living in Corinth

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Living in Corinth

I’ve added a new tag, “Living in Corinth” for commentary about walking in purity.

I advocate strenuously on this page for reform in popular Evangelical thought about single Christian men – it is plain wrong to treat them as de facto sinners for going on a date outside of a church run “courtship” scheme; for not going on a date; for not allowing married men to treat them as less than men for being single, etc. Likewise I stress the importance of a clear-eyed view of how the Church fails men, single and married, by attempting to grow the masculine plant, so to speak, in feminine soil. Further, I hope you are “hearing” how the legal and social mores surrounding marriage make this kind of commitment to a woman ever more problematic.

All that being said, I affirm that marriage is good. That it is given by God is not disputed by any in what might be called the “single Christian man blogosphere” – yet I find a kind of anti-marriage tendency that does not bode well.

Take heart. Any relationship in Him can be redeemed; though not all will be or should be. With Wisdom from God and due attention to what is real and important, you can have that battle-aide beside you to fight for the two of you; that made-for-two thing called a family; a micro-simulacrum of the Church itself. I say this as a man whose spouse left…. A marital failure is survivable. It is also not inevitable.

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Haley’s Halo

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Commentary, Other people's writing

Haley is a single Christian sister who seems to have been delivered from the fear of man; as she is comfortable speaking what are unpleasant truths. I’ve enjoyed lurking at her site; and I link here to an essay to get you started.

I would ~gently~ offer in counterpart to the essay I link to that, in fact, there is another side of the story. There are Christian single women who have had it drummed into their heads, either subliminally or purposefully, that either the sex drive itself is something evil, or that male sexuality is itself evil by nature. Some of these women have trouble flipping the mental switch. There are other woman who readily come to realize the degree of control they can exert by withholding affection; and are lacking in proper instruction as to the immoral nature of such acts when they are done consistently, purposefully, and in a prolonged fashion. One wonders if there are not women who purposefully withhold themselves from their husbands in an attempt to end their marriage by causing him to seek such affection elsewhere. For the ernest single Christian man who finds himself in such a situation, he wonders at how he has saved himself for marriage only to find that his spouse is saving her sexuality for her own non-sexual benefit alone. It’s not as if you can read about this at, say, Boundless; so he may be stymied in figuring out what to do. However I digress. Enjoy what you find to enjoy at Haley’s Halo.
Edit: A Freudian slip? Obviously the Christian man is no longer single if he is married.

Revisiting Marriage 2.0

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Commentary

Some Christian single women are thinking that finding an ernest single Christian man suitable for a life-long relationship is akin to hitting the lottery.      Likewise, some single Christian men think that finding an ernest single Christian woman is like hitting the lottery.

Here is thought provoking fodder for some of those ladies.   They need to better understand the world as it is in some jurisdictions. I am not speaking, by providing these links, to questions like Child Support; nor am I favoring such things as punitive economic punishment for Christian women who frivolously divorce their husbands for non-biblical reasons.

These things are “off the radar” by and large in the larger Evangelical community, with the exception of some public figures such as Phyllis Schlafly, who has been willing to speak out publicly about such abuses. We can get excited, it seems, about ephemeral issues such as hard-to-prove “Human Sex Trafficking” within the United States*, but we cannot muster moral opprobrium about demonstrably real cases of Slavery in our midst.

*Which, in real cases of such, is deserving of our efforts to combat it.