Revisiting Marriage 2.0

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Commentary

Some Christian single women are thinking that finding an ernest single Christian man suitable for a life-long relationship is akin to hitting the lottery.      Likewise, some single Christian men think that finding an ernest single Christian woman is like hitting the lottery.

Here is thought provoking fodder for some of those ladies.   They need to better understand the world as it is in some jurisdictions. I am not speaking, by providing these links, to questions like Child Support; nor am I favoring such things as punitive economic punishment for Christian women who frivolously divorce their husbands for non-biblical reasons.

These things are “off the radar” by and large in the larger Evangelical community, with the exception of some public figures such as Phyllis Schlafly, who has been willing to speak out publicly about such abuses. We can get excited, it seems, about ephemeral issues such as hard-to-prove “Human Sex Trafficking” within the United States*, but we cannot muster moral opprobrium about demonstrably real cases of Slavery in our midst.

*Which, in real cases of such, is deserving of our efforts to combat it.


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