Haley’s Halo

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Commentary, Other people's writing

Haley is a single Christian sister who seems to have been delivered from the fear of man; as she is comfortable speaking what are unpleasant truths. I’ve enjoyed lurking at her site; and I link here to an essay to get you started.

I would ~gently~ offer in counterpart to the essay I link to that, in fact, there is another side of the story. There are Christian single women who have had it drummed into their heads, either subliminally or purposefully, that either the sex drive itself is something evil, or that male sexuality is itself evil by nature. Some of these women have trouble flipping the mental switch. There are other woman who readily come to realize the degree of control they can exert by withholding affection; and are lacking in proper instruction as to the immoral nature of such acts when they are done consistently, purposefully, and in a prolonged fashion. One wonders if there are not women who purposefully withhold themselves from their husbands in an attempt to end their marriage by causing him to seek such affection elsewhere. For the ernest single Christian man who finds himself in such a situation, he wonders at how he has saved himself for marriage only to find that his spouse is saving her sexuality for her own non-sexual benefit alone. It’s not as if you can read about this at, say, Boundless; so he may be stymied in figuring out what to do. However I digress. Enjoy what you find to enjoy at Haley’s Halo.
Edit: A Freudian slip? Obviously the Christian man is no longer single if he is married.

  1. Andre says:

    I love the blog! When I first came across it, I spent hours on it.

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