Credo #39: Marriage is good

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Commentary, For brothers

I advocate strenuously on this page for reform in popular Evangelical thought about single Christian men – it is plain wrong to treat them as de facto sinners for going on a date outside of a church run “courtship” scheme; for not going on a date; for not allowing married men to treat them as less than men for being single, etc. Likewise I stress the importance of a clear-eyed view of how the Church fails men, single and married, by attempting to grow the masculine plant, so to speak, in feminine soil. Further, I hope you are “hearing” how the legal and social mores surrounding marriage make this kind of commitment to a woman ever more problematic.

All that being said, I affirm that marriage is good. That it is given by God is not disputed by any in what might be called the “single Christian man blogosphere” – yet I find a kind of anti-marriage tendency that does not bode well.

Take heart. Any relationship in Him can be redeemed; though not all will be or should be. With Wisdom from God and due attention to what is real and important, you can have that battle-aide beside you to fight for the two of you; that made-for-two thing called a family; a micro-simulacrum of the Church itself. I say this as a man whose spouse left…. A marital failure is survivable. It is also not inevitable.

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