Credo #35: His awful hand

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Credo

The title for this Credo comes from a poem written by Rudyard Kipling entitled “Recessional“.

I assert to you that God, in His justice, lifts up a nation and pulls another down. They are all as dust to Him.

The pith of this Credo is this: If you are wise you will reject the gospel of the Supremacy of Americanism. I have not commented on the social value of respecting things such as the dignity of the individual, the moral wealth and weight of honoring the restraint of the state’s powers and the protection of the weak by said powers; I am not “going there” — I am simply and merely saying what I am saying; for the benefit of those who need to hear and comprehend it.

That being said I do not invite you to join the follies of what is loosely called the Evangelical Left, who like many of their brothers on the right, think falsely and in delusion that they have authority to presume to speak for His political views.

To do so is to assume one is competent to compare axles with apples.


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