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Posted: February 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

As I suggest I may do here I plan on revisiting the existing credos and postings on this blog; tweaking some posts, taking some others down.  If comments have been made I will be judicious to either rewrite the post entire or only make changes that can not conceivably affect the comment thread.

As well I’ll be taking a short leave of absence while I contemplate and map out the remaining Credos.    The larger point and purpose here is my ultimate (and original) intent – to leave the blog intact when I am done (and I do see a completion; in a sense) with what I hope are useful “bullet points” for the single Christian man.

Homework: Human Trafficking

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Commentary

Yes … I’ve said I’m on hiatus to seek God and also follow His leading about something a bit.

However I am torqued about something and want to get you rolling on this:     Many of the claims made by those in ministries who concern themselves with “Human Trafficking” – especially within the US — are simply bogus.  Bogus, as in, “sinful claims that are not supportable.”      This has become the “Y2K” or the “satanic ritual abuse” of this decade for some believers, who readily adopt the “script” that gives them a starring role in a play in their minds. *

If you work in “Human Trafficking” – don’t take offense.     Speak out against the lack of integrity visited upon your fellow believers by others in your domain of service.

Homework for the SXM — and any other believer, for that matter:    Find out what the FBI really says about Human Trafficking (not what your local anti trafficking ministry says about what the “FBI” says**) and challenge your local anti-trafficking ministry about their views about men if they have not been setting up shelters for them.

*real cases of involuntary trafficking in the States and abroad deserve the moral condemnation that naturally belongs to the slave trade; and ministries that really address this problem deserve our support.

**Hint:   Investigate which gender gets trafficked more, and look for the source of that “100,000 children” number.


Edit:    Separate and tangential; but relevant:    Think about men paying —  under the laws and rulings emanating from our Legal System — child support for children that are not theirs; or who labor under crushing burdens of ‘child support’ unjustly laid.   Do these men qualify as slaves?   How about men who have been falsely accused by women, including Christian women, who are not in control of their old natures; and who go about serving time or money because of this?