Random SXM observation

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

It so happens that I have a little bit of interest in Astronomy; something that a very few random “Church Ladies” can be offended by but usually not. It is offensive to those few in that they do not parse out the difference between Astronomy and Astrology. Most of God’s children love nature in all its expressions.

Background to my comment: The etymology of “Planet” is planetos from the Greek, meaning “wandering.” Looking into the night sky one sees a planet as moving along the Ecliptic plane rather than staying relatively put (though from a fixed observation point on earth one sees the stars “move”.) So, the Planet Mars came be associated with Ares and Mars, gods of war to the Greeks and Romans, because of how it seemed to be hastening across the sky (the position of Mars relative to Earth makes this apparent speed under the right conditions). Venus with beauty, etc.

How about the “Star of Bethlehem” that some want to blame on Haley’s Comet, or various configurations of planets, stars, etc.? Here’s my two cents worth, noting that I am not a professional Astronomer (but check out Hugh Ross, a believing professionally trained Astronomer) nor a Greek exegete. By report to me from reliable sources, the Greek word for star is applied in various sources to all sorts of things in the sky that need a label, not just stars or stars that wander about — meteorologic phenomena, for example. It seems to fit the context to me that this light in the sky was just that — a light in the sky; perhaps an angelic visitation or some such thing. (Hopefully no one takes offense at the lyrics that spring to my mind: “…wheel in the sky keeps on turning..” which is perhaps from Journey.) So the Magi saw this “light” which might have been in our own planetary atmosphere, for all it matters, or even a few hundred yards off the ground; and they followed it to Palestine. Or it could have been some orbiting body reflecting the sun’s light. Who knows.

All these musings are generated by the morning’s news, which will have me out with my binoculars observing this phenomena. Church ladies of all inclinations as always will be welcome, but snarky comments are not, since I am not biblically obligated to receive snarky and unwarranted shame from Church Ladies. And neither are you. And this is light for some who have been conditioned to think otherwise.


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