Credo #29: The influence

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Credo, For brothers

The primary influence of the organized fellowship, and also the life of the individual believer, on culture, politics, and on “secular” culture generally; is one that is a byproduct of the Christian life well lived; not the focus. It is so very rarely the focus of a life.

To put this another way, there are a very few whose calling is, say, to engage the culture in the political realm in a direct and pronounced way. Your life as a believer will no doubt touch the political realm, perhaps only on election day; perhaps in the dialogs that come your way in life. Generally speaking, the latter will be the the case, not the former. This is not a Credo about politics; rather; it is an admonition to not lose your way in making some ministerial focus a substitute for your life with God. One can see people who, say, spiritually fetishize the poor, or conservative politics; or progressive politics, or their own notions of sacred music, say. All these things are so much easier than actually becoming a submitted and wise follower of Him in the role you are specifically called to. If you do this – if you fail this way – it will leave you powerless at the level where it really counts.


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