Credo #30: The Pit

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Credo, For brothers

Remember that it was Joseph’s brothers who threw him into a pit.

Remember that these narratives in the OT are given to us in the NT age for our benefit; they are “types and shadows” to illuminate our understanding.

If you are going to be a modern day Joseph, you may be finding yourself mis-treated by an existing local church structure that has only a tenuous, or at least only partial, hold on physical and spiritual reality. You may be mis-treated in a severe fashion.

I have seen idiot pastors rebuke single men for going on a date; and for not going on a date. I have seen men disinvited for even asking questions about mandatory tithing; a practice that did not begin until the State co-opted the organized fellowship. I have seen men with college degrees claim that the biblical Christianity requires one to accept that the physical evidence supports a young earth interpretation of the facts; and then challenge the faith of those who object.

… .And these were men who were in the pulpit.

A new age is coming. Just accept — without whining about it — that your brothers in faith may not be your allies. This does not mean that they are no longer your brothers.

  1. pausebetween2notes says:

    true, there are alot of idiots on the pulpit. christianity is a label that people wear easy on their sleeves.

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